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Sky Tech

Sky Tech is fitted close to the glass to ensure maximum protection even when the sun is at a low angle. And it lets you enjoy your outdoor lifestyle or indoor comfort with relief from the suns heat, glare and harmful UV rays.

skytech skytech

Sky Tech is for horizontal, rounded, steeped windows that is not able to be covered by normal roll screen. Installed on the outside of the custom made guide rail, blocks coming in sunlight. Convenient and scientific to block ultraviolet and solar heat, it's the best product for pergolas, exterior swimming pools, sunlights.

Sky Tech system adjusts natural light's unflux and blockage with preventing from greenhouse effect. It always keeps fabric's tension by compositing single motor and electrical control box controls in individual, group by compatibility to various automatic sunlight controlling device, "LONWORK" system as well.

Minimized interval apart from galss, effectively stops Low angled daylight and restraints the heating up the room temperature by blocking indraft of warm air between galss and fabric.

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