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Roman Shade

Roman Shades come in many colors, styles and fabrics including, silk, cotton, linen, weaves and bamboo. And with many features like, pleated, hobbled, flat fold, top down bottom up, blackout liners and even insulated liners.


Basically a roman shade is a style of window treatment consisting of a fabric shade. The fabric gathers or folds (like an accordion) as you raise the shade depending on the style: flat fold (gathers) or hobbled fold (folds), also known as teardrop style. Roman shade is a unique and gorgeous window treatment that lends a rich, textured and warm look to a room.

Miso's automated roman shade can provide a convenient interior decorative element.

On the type of the fabrics, romans shade can be used as an insects screen window and block over 80% of light and heat.


Horizontal Type System

romanshade romanshade
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