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Miso F&D Inc.

Miso F&D Inc. established in 2004, in goyangsi. Korea. specializes in automated window covering systems. Products include Motorized Louver system, Sky-tech(advanced FTS), EVB(external venetian blind), Roman shade, Roll screen, curtain&blind, eoning and Automatic sliding doors. Since 2008, we have been making efforts develop 'Motorized louver system' products that is enlarged type of venetian blinds remarkably decreases energy consumption for thermal control.

Try to Controll Sunlight

One of the most beneficial and free sources of energy is daylight. Daylight makes a useful contribution to interior luminance when properly utilized, and can be more comfortable than electric lighting by providing a better quality of light. Obtaining balance requires an evaluation of glazing, surfaces, heat and light transmittance and shading devices. We are aware of the need to controll the daylight and the glare from direct sunlight.

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